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Spencer McCullough, LPC

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I work with clients of all ages and all different types of life struggles. My focus as a therapist is rooted in a person-centered experience for each and every client. I utilize a variety of counseling techniques and incorporate parts of CBT, DBT, solution-focused and tools from other counseling approaches to find the best fit. For the child client, I incorporate play therapy techniques to allow for a more open and comfortable therapeutic environment where kids feel safe and able to share their experiences in their own way. I’m passionate about my work with teen and early-adulthood clients as these transitions are often the most difficult to understand and express. With adults, my desire is to help bring to light root issues that could be blocking an individual from reaching his or her full potential for happiness and growth. I also work with relationship issues in couples and strive to help solve emotional need problems between spouses and partners.

This drive to meet each client at the point of their need is what keeps me striving to learn and grow in my practice as a therapist. I am trained in Trauma-Focused CBT, Active Parenting, Anger Management, and have extensive training in anxiety and depression. The best views always come after the hardest climbs. You don’t have to walk or climb alone.